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Munisamy, E. (2019):

Parallel Execution of RSA Encryption on the GPU of the RPi

The Raspberry Pi is a 2012 published single-board computer purposed for private usage. It includes a VideoCore IV graphics card. In the case that it is used headless the potential performance of the GPU remains unused. This work uses this capacity for parallel execution of the cryptographic algorithm RSA. RSA is an asymmetric encryption system based on the mathematical difficulty in factoring very big integers in finite time. The most important part of the algorithm is an efficient implementation of modular exponentiation. During this work, different possibilities are developed how modular exponentiation for RSA could be performed on the VideoCore IV. One of these possibilities was implemented using modular exponentiation partly processed parallel on the GPU of the Raspberry Pi B+, using the open source c++ library QPULib for programming the VideoCore IV processing units, the QPUs. Although the GPU implementation doesn't accelerate RSA, this work is a first step of how the RSA execution can be executed on the VideoCore IV, and what difficulties complicate the realization. Additionally the developed GPU executed RSA was integrated to OpenSSL.