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Subramani, K. (2010):

A Monitoring-System for the Department of Statistics

Computer-Investitions-Programm - CIP is a program, where german higher educational institutions seek funding for scientific instrumentation and equipment. The computer labs which have been set up using these funds are conventionally called "CIP-Pools". Department of Statistics seeks a network monitoring system for its CIP-Pool infrastructure. A solution where the emphasis lies not in evaluating all the existing open source tools, but rather to reproduce an existing solution. One idea is to implement a solution similar to the one at Leibniz Supercomputing Centre - LRZ which is the major IT service provider for the academic communities in Munich. The supervisors of this project due to their experience suggest Nagios as a good choice. This tool is being used by LRZ which is an added impetus to realize a similar solution. Nagios is a widely used platform for system, network, and application monitoring. It is very flexible in its configuration and offers a plugin architecture for customising most of the monitoring needs. This aspect of Nagios plugins enables to create a monitoring tool tailored to ones needs.