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Practical course in winter semester 2020/2021 (LMU)
Prof. Dr. Dieter Kranzlmüller, Dr. Karl Fürlinger, Amir Kabouteh


  • For current news please refer to the German version of this page.

Topics of the practical course

This practical course is intended for students of the LMU and counts as part of the Computer Science Bachelor and Media Informatics Bachelor degree programs. During the practical course, selected problems and issues from the field of system-oriented programming will be dealt with. Topics and tasks include, but are not limited to:
  • Specification of interfaces and modular structures of system software
  • Formatted input/output
  • Parser construction
  • CPU scheduling
  • Processes and their management
  • Process communication and synchronization methods
  • Signals, pipes and sockets
  • Communication protocols
  • The TCP/IP protocol family
  • The client/server model


In contrast to the software development practical course, previous knowledge of a specific programming language is not required. The required basic knowledge of the C programming language is taught in accompanying lectures and through practical excises at the start of the lecture period. Nevertheless, it is useful to have or learn basic knowledge of an imperative programming language (e.g. C/C++, Java) beforehand. It is also useful to be familiar with text editors.

Prerequisites for the participation of this practical course:

  • Basic knowledge of an imperative programming language
  • Timely application

An accompanying attendance of the lecture Operating Systems is also advisable, but not mandatory. Some of the concepts from the lecture will be practically implemented/applied in this course. Both courses complement each other in this sense.

Schedule and Registration

Details about the schedule and registration for this course can be found in the German version of this page.

Lecture material

Slides are published on Uni2Work, the corresponding video recordings are available on LMUCast.

Assignment sheets

The exercise sheets are only available in German.

  • Introduction to Programming with C. These exercises are not to be handed in, they serve as a self-control of your skills. Work on these exercises on your own and, if necessary, with support from the tutors.


If you have any questions, criticism or suggestions, please write an e-mail to