Kolb, D. (2016):

Mesh based Scene Evaluation Metrics for LOD and Simplification

I present seven metrics to quantify attributes of different meshes in a scene. Each metric represents a different geometrical or topological aspect of the mesh. The resulting rating values serve to convey the underlying complex data to the user. These allow the user to swiftly compare several features of multiple meshes. The metrics may thus guide users and programs during the process of mesh modification, i.e. optimization, simplification or smoothing, and scene modification as a whole. I evaluate each metric individually by applying them to a sample scene. To examine the correctness and expressiveness of the metrics I compare the automatically calculated ratings to the raw base data. I find two of the metrics to be immediately useful and four of the ratings promising, but in need of adjustments. The remaining last metric, however, requires significant rework to generate useful data on par with the other six metrics. This thesis first introduces the subject with a motivating example. It then presents important concepts and research on related topics. Afterwards it details the concept of the program and the mathematical considerations it is based on. It also lists my approach to solving the challenges which emerged during the implementation. Subsequently, the thesis focusses on the visualized output of the program and challenges said ouput. Finally, it contrasts the expectations and goals of each metric with the respective actual results.

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