Köpferl, M. (2015):

Effective Visualization of Amplification Attacks in Amplifier Networks

Denial of Service attacks are a threat to computer networks. One variation of them which is even more dangerous are Amplification attacks. Although this attack type is researched well, including multiple proposals to overcome the problem, new attack vectors arise frequently. There are multiple approaches using different detection methods on the victim side. On the amplifier side, where the problem has to be dealt with to reduce the impact of such attacks, surveys present new affected protocols frequently. However, the attacks adapt to the new situation dynamically and abuse other susceptible faults. Therefore, we research the visual approach to gain knowledge about the attacks on basis of an existing attack detection approach. Using the output data of the detection software, we propose software that generates a graphical representation. This can be used to evaluate the attacks within the amplifier’s network to immediately receive detailed information about them.

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