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Teaching online during the summer semester

While LMU is closed, most teaching happens currently online. As teachers, we ask you to be forgiving if things should not work perfectly right away, and we hope for your constructive participation. In this situation, we would also like to explicitly point out some rules, which would be self-evident in real life:
  • In live meetings, we ask you to responsibly deal with audio (off by default) and bandwidth (video as needed).
  • Recording or redirecting streams by participants is not allowed.
  • Distributing content (video, audio, images, PDFs, etc.) in other channels than those foreseen by the author is not allowed.
If you violate one of these rules, you can expect to be expelled from the respective course, and we reserve the right for further action. With all others, we are looking forward to the joint experiment of an "online semester".

About MNM team

MNM Team applies its vast expertise in the management of complex networked IT systems from basic research to business applications, and from theoretical foundations to operational systems providing services to tens of thousands of daily users. Read more about MNM team.


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Focus Areas in Research and Teaching

  • Communication systems and Internet-based services
  • Distributed Systems
  • Internet-Applications
  • Design and Operation of IT infrastructures
  • Concepts in IT- and IT Service Management
  • System programming and operating systems
  • IT security

Learn more about the MNM Team on our Team Website!


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