Welcome to the home of PVMerlin 

PVMerlin is a powerful text and contact editor for the Casio Pocket Viewer that is based on character input by writing letters directly on the screen.

It provides:
  • full access to your PV memos and contacts (including secret memos and contacts)
  • word-completion (similar to PV schedule)
  • configurable action wheel functions (to move cursor, changes memo or document page, or to measure time differences)
  • allows to work on larger documents than the usual 2048 character limit (in a format compatible with the standard PV-Quick-Data-Copy Windows application)
  • a variety of display and input options,
  • ...

Für Deutsche PV-Nutzer gibt es übrigens auch eine übersetzte Anleitung.

The roots

PVMerlin is based on Wittawat Yamwong's port of xmerlin, which was developed, copyrighted and put under the GNU Public License by Stefan Hellkvist. See the links area for their web sites.


PVMerlin comes "as is" and without any warranty. All I can do is to promise that I did not write any damaging code on purpose and I assume that it is save to use.
But of course neither myself nor any other (co-)author of the program can be held responsible if any damage to your PV or data occurs.
For more information about copyright and warranty see the file "copying.txt" included in the downloadable archives.

Your opinion

If you have any suggestions for improvements, please contact me at:
(please insert the real @-sign in the above email-address - this is to keep web-bots from picking up my email address.)

last updated: 16. February 2003 by Christian Ensel (ensel_AT_informatik.uni-muenchen.de)
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